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Software and Updates

SJ-Series Communication Software

We would like to offer you a free copy of our Surftest SJ-201P, 210, 301, 310, 401, 402, 411, 412, 500, SV-2100 Communication program, which enables easy use of the communication function to save and print measurement results.

Download FREE here


U-WAVEPAK-BW 1.0.3. Software for PC

Mitutoyo Bluetooth® U-WAVE
Easy wireless communication using Bluetooth®. This interface allows measurement data to be loaded directly into your smart phone‚ tablet or PC without a receiver. 

  • For PCs U-WAVEPAK-BW (download here)
  • For smartphones/tablets U-WAVEBAK-BM download from App Store or get from Google Play

Note: For operating U-WAVE Bluetooth Transmitter is required



U-WAVEPAK 1.022B Software for PC

Mitutoyo U-WAVE the interface for transmitting measurement data to your PC.
The wireless specification is IEEE802.15.4 base and the range of wireless communication is up to 20 m.

Note: For operating U-WAVE Transmitter and U-WAVE Receiver is required



MeasurLink Serial Terminal

It is an easy to use tool for debugging serial (RS232) communication with PC’s and other devices also giving a method of gathering and passing data from these devices.

Download FREE here


Current Software Releases

The software listed below are our current and most up-to-date versions. If you wish discuss an upgrade or have a support issue please email us at or call us on 01264 353123.

Software Release Version
MCosmos  5.0.1