The PJ-A3000 Series Bench-top Profile Projector

  • The PJ-A3000 Series profile projectors comprises medium-size bench-top models that feature excellent versatility and easy operation.
  • Easy-to-read digital XY counter is located near the projection screen to minimize eye movement.
  • Digital readout protractor screen enables accurate angle measurement. Combination use with the optional 2D Data Processor QM-Data200 facilitates a variety of dimensional measurement methods.
  • The user interface design of the optional M2 software means you’ll spend more time measuring and less time reading manuals. By combining a familiar user experience with current touchscreen conventions, the M2 software can quickly be integrated into your process and made accessible to a wide range of users.




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The PJ-A3000 Series Bench-top Profile Projector
Mitutoyo PJ-A3000 Projector Promotion - MUK0802